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It is not a chest, it is not a cabinet; it is a ChestCabinet. With eight legs, it is functional both horizontally and vertically, and even the lock adheres to the theme.

The chest was the first piece of furniture made for people, and it came into use as a cabinet, because people had smaller living areas. Casimir translated that evolution, telling the story through his ChestCabinet design.  'It is an elongated, functional mobile storage unit that remains up the right way when upright or horizontal,' Casimir tells us. The function remains the same – no matter how the volume is installed. 'The lid became the door, bulkheads became shelves and people began to dimension it differently through history.’

The honesty of the construction in solid oak is once again a sublimation of traditional quality.

The ChestCabinet is not a gimmick, but an archetypal piece of furniture that draws an elongated shadow towards the past in the light of today. Just like the brass lock integrates old interior fittings, the timeless design flows through the honesty of the construction and material.

each piece is numbered, signed and with certificate

solid European oak  /  natural finish  /  52 x 35,5 x 162 cm

design by Casimir  /  craft by CasimirAteliers


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